Karndean Flooring in Rotherham

Karndean flooring is vinyl, but not as you know it. It’s manufactured from part recycled pvc, but it’s properties are quite different. Unlike other flooring made from similar materials, Karndean tiles are able to have a textured surface and are extremely slip resistant.

The range comes in several different “wear layers”, which dictates the thickness of the flooring. We are able to fit and customise any flooring option you choose to your own specification. Previously we have cut and fully tailored Karndean tiles to our client’s specific requirements.

The hard wearing nature of the flooring is suitable for both home and commercial use. It is very durable and requires little maintenance or cleaning.

Karndean is also very cost effective. Our expert floor technicians are also able to fit and prepare your floor at a reasonable rate.

If you have any questions regarding which Karndean option is suitable for your home or business, please contact us or visit us in store.

At Wendy’s we are proud to have the largest Karndean showroom in Rotherham. Karndean Flooring is a great alternative to natural flooring materials. Made from a high quality composite vinyl, Karndean is excellent for both domestic and commercial use.

Karndean replicates the attractive aesthetics of natural flooring, while avoiding the impracticalities associated with wood and stone. The angled edges also give amazing definition to your floor, creating a striking visual impact.

It also has the benefit of being able to be laid over underfloor heating, making it one of the most versatile flooring choices on the market.

The trademark characteristics of Karndean flooring are:


Karndean’s hard wearing nature makes it resistant to chips, cracks and splits, so you can rely on it to last for many years; they even come with different long term warranties depending on the tile type.


Wood and Laminate flooring can look great, but one of the main disadvantages of these types of flooring is the noise that they make. By comparison Karndean is very quiet underfoot.


Karndean are unique in the way that their flooring has realistic natural looking surfaces, from the luxury wood-like surfaces of the Van Gogh and Renoir flooring ranges, to the chalky limestone finish of the Alderney range. Karndean is one of the most authentic alternatives to genuine wood and stone flooring available in both look and texture.


When compared with other natural flooring materials, Karndean is a very financially attractive option. Whether you are looking for a great looking commercial floor that fits a tight budget, or for a home renovation that does not leave you completely out of pocket, Karndean flooring could be the right choice for you.

The durability of Karndean also means that your pounds will stretch further, as the flooring will last for many years after installation

For full Karndean fitting prices and pricing options, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Low maintenance

Karndean is renowned for needing very little maintenance. It does not retain dirt or bacteria the same as other flooring options.

Cleaning your Karndean floor is a simple task, requiring little time or effort. It also does not need the same care as natural flooring options, which may need sanding, polishing and other maintenance tasks performing on it fairly regularly.

Our Selection

There are six main ranges of products, each with differing features, attributes and durability, but all them suitable for any room in the home. Each of the ranges are divided into tile and woodplank effects and have been grouped by range and type.

Designing Your Floor

Designing your floor could not be easier. We have broken the process down into just a few easy steps. One of the biggest advantages of Karndean flooring is its ability to be fully customised to your own specifications, working around your interior effectively.

The first step is choosing a tile colour. At Wendy’s we have a wide variety of choices, from neutral brown and beige tones, to warmer shades of blue and green. We are certain that you will be able to find the right colour option to suit your interior. You can also choose which woodplank colour to customise to your needs, from earthy walnut, to subtle wooden tones such as pine, beech and oak.

The next stage is adding a decorative strip, which gives a truly unique look to your flooring.

We have wood, metallic and coloured strips available, as well as feature strips and narrow strips for tiles to give a grouting effect.

You can also choose to add a decorative boarder to your flooring. Choose from patterned, keyline and tramline boarders, all of which give their own unique look to the finish.

Finally, you may choose to add a custom feature to your tiles, which can serve as the focus point of you room. Our features typically measure 36”, and are available in seven standard designs.